JUNE 2013

First place for Salom in Catalunya's Grand Prix!

Luis Salom, Spanish pilot sponsored by Kevingston, won his second consecutive victory, third of the year in his native country. The excellent work done by the pilot and the Red Bull KTM Ajo team  shows that this season will be as good as the preious one or even better.

Starting from pole position after a few laps Salom was delayed to the sixth place, and six laps before the end, Salom took the lead in the race again and crossed the finish line just 211 thousandths over second placed Alex Rins.

Salom is now located at the first position of the Moto3 World Championship, with 127 points, 5 more than competitor Viñales and 16 more than Rins.

Meanwhile, Randy Krummenacher, Swiss driver sponsored by Kevingston finished in sixth place in the Moto2 World Championship.